Divya Bharti Biography, Age, Height, Husband, Career, Death Story

  • Divya Bharti’s biography: Divya Bharti is one of the Indian film actress who was in numerous popular commercially-successful Hindi and Telugu films of the 1990s in the beginning. Divya Bharti, who was the king of Bollywood at only 19 years old, has been gone for 23 years but is still a fixture in the hearts of people. She was able to establish herself as a prominent actress in the 90s in only a short period of time. In addition to performing, Bharti featured an impressive persona.

Divya Bharti’s early life – Divya Bharti Biography


  • Divya Bharti was born Mumbai and was married to Om Prakash Bharti. He was an insurance agent His wife’s name was Mita Bharti. Divya Bharti was a mother to children born of her father’s marriage to his first wife, and he also has an older brother Kunal and an older sister Poonam. In her younger times, Divya Bharti was known for her fun personality and was referred to as a doll. The early schooling Divya received was in Manekji Copper High School. Divya was a middle-level student at the very beginning.
    Divya could be a star actress However, she did not want to be a heroine of her own, Divya came into the film industry to escape studying. They didn’t even know the names of directors at that time. At first, Divya was signed into various films, but was dismissed immediately.

Film career started – Divya Bharti Filmy Career

  • Divya Bharti began her film career from a young age. Her efforts began at 14. After a series of failed attempts, he produced an acclaimed Telugu film called ‘Bobbili Raja at the age 16 in the year 1990. Following the success of the movie, Divya began receiving offers to make film projects in Bollywood.
    In the beginning, Bharati was given roles that were not as important. He achieved success in his film industry through in the Hindi movie Vishwatma. He was able to create a distinct identity in ‘Saat-Samundar Paar Gaan in this film.
    By the year 1992, Bharti had established herself as a popular heroine in Bollywood. The other movies she appeared in were Sarup Shola also Shabnam the theatrical film that featured Bharti as the brave Raas. Bharti’s performance on the 1992 relationship Deewana brought her an award from Filmfare Best Debut Actress Award. In the film, the actor is Shahrukh Khan. Between 1992 and 1993 Bharti made seventeen Hindi as well as seven South Indian films at the age of only 19 years old. This is an incredible feat in and of itself. Alongside mainstream cinema, in her brief career Bharti was a dazzling actor.
    His final films that he had completed include Rang together with actor Kamal Sadanah, and Chess with actor Jackie Shroff, released after the death of Divya Bharti.
    Divya Bharti who entered the world of film at the age of 19 was the lifeblood of the young within a short period of period of time. People who admired his charisma, charm, and innocence were a frenzied.

Divya Bharti Personal Life – Divya Bharti Personal Life

  • Divya Bharti was introduced to Sajid Nadiadwala via Govinda during the shooting of Shola and Shabnam and the two became lovers for each the other. On 10 May 1992, Divya Bharti married Nadiadwala. But, Divya Bharti’s father was opposed to the marriage. He was a convert to Islam after his wedding as well as changed the name of his wife that of Divya Bharti Sana Nadiadwala.

Death of Divya Bharti – Divya Bharti Death Story

  • While Divya’s career in recruitment was at its height The news broke that shocked everyone. Divya Bharti passed away mysteriously after she fell from her home. As per Mumbai Police, Divya Bharti’s death was caused by an accident. The incident occurred on the 5th of April, 1993. It was located on the fifth floor located in the Tulsi apartment located in Versova, Andheri West Mumbai. Divya was injured when he fell out of the window of the living room in this house on the first floor around 11.30 at night. He was transported to the nearby Cooper Hospital. He passed away there. On the 7th of April she was buried with his husband Sajid Nadiadwala according to Hindu customs.
    Following Divya’s demise many people referred to the murder as a crime, and this was later questioned of their husband Sajid. Her death was still entangled between suicide and murder, and was not solved until the date. The file of the police investigating the death of Divya is now closed .Divya had completed nearly eighty percent of filming of the movie Ladla together with Anil Kapoor. At the time, he was the director. The film was then completed with Sridevi as his replacement. Alongside this she was also to play the role of Mohra, Vijaypath and the movement. Sajid Nadiadwala had dedicated this film Divya in any film he directed up to 2004 when they were married.


Famous Divya Bharti Movies – Divya Bharti Movies

  • Blind Justice – 1993
  • Tholi Mudhu – 1993
  • Chess – 1993
  • Kshatriya – 1993
  • Color – 1992
  • Dharma Kshetram – 1992
  • Shola and Shabnam – 1992
  • Crazy – 1992
  • Dil Aashna Hai – 1992
  • Vishwatma – 1992
  • Enemy Age – 1992
  • Dil hi to 1992
  • Balwan – 1992
  • Song – 1992
  • Loved with life – 1992
  • Dil ka kya kasoor – 1992
  • Rowdy Alludu – 1991
  • Bobbili Raja – 1990
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