‘She would still be alive if…..’: What Shraddha Walkar’s father told media | Mumbai News

NEW DELHI: Shraddha Walkar’s father Vikash Walkar on Friday interacted with media after meeting Devendra Fadnavis in Mumbai.
He claimed his daughter would have been alive had Maharashtra cops acted on a written complaint by her.
Shraddha had written a letter in 2020 indicating her fears about her being killed by her live-in partner Aaftab Poonawala.
“My daughter was brutally murdered. I faced many problems because of the Vasai police, if they would have helped me, my daughter would have been alive,” he said.
He also demanded capital punishment for Aaftab Poonawala.
“I expect a similar lesson for Aaftab in the way he murdered my daughter. He should be hanged,” he said.
Walkar thanked the Delhi Police and Fadnavis for their help.
Talking about Shraddha, he said the last time he had a conversation with her was in 2021.
“We talked about her whereabouts, she said that she was living in Bengaluru. I talked to Aaftab on September 26 when I asked him about my daughter, he didn’t give an answer on it,” he added.
Walkar added that Aaftab’s family knew everything about the domestic violence Shraddha was subjected to.
Shraddha was killed by Aaftab in Delhi’s Mehrauli area on May 18 this year. Aaftab allegedly cut her body into several pieces and threw it around the forest located in the area.

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