VIDEO | Criminals Perform ‘Phool Aur Kante’ Style Stunt On Moving car in Bhopal: FIR filed

A video has been doing the rounds of the internet showing a notorious criminal promoting hooliganism on the roads of Bhopal. Zubair Maulana, who along with a group of other people was seen standing on top of a moving jeep as loud music played in the background and a group of other moving cars surrounded the vehicle. What’s even more bizarre, a Chevrolet Beat car was seen driving in front of the jeep, in reverse!
Apart from Maulana, at least 4 other accomplices can be seen hanging out of the moving vehicle, risking not only their own but precious lives of others on the road. One person enjoying the joyride on the jeep also stretches his leg out, trying to reach on to the wheel of another moving SUV. The stunt could have ended up in a tragic incident, but fortunately, the perpetrator was unsuccessful in executing it.
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Moreover, Gandhi Nagar police have now registered an FIR against the repeat offender Zubair Maulana three days after this video went viral on social media. The FIR was filed after home minister Narottam Mishra issued orders in this regard. Maulana is reported to have 65 other criminal cases registered against him in various police stations of the state capital.
Performing stunts on vehicles of any kind are not only illegal on public roads, but also extremely dangerous. TOI Auto urges its readers to follow all traffic rules and not indulge in any such activities endangering their lives as well as that of others. India already has a bad record in terms of road safety and such acts further risk the loss of lives and property.
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Mercedes-Benz India today revealed some safety related data at an event, wherein it was shared that more than 15,000 people die in India every year just because of not using seat belts. One can only imagine how much more risk is added by getting involved in ill-thought acts that have been discussed in this story.

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